Saturday, January 22, 2011

Seungri's Comeback M!Countdown (110120) [PHOTOS]

Photos for media articles~

♥♥this year is definitely for VIPs♥♥ =D!!!!!!!!!!

OMO! seungri is trying to kill me with his forever charisma and HOTNESS!!! aaaahhh! *droools!
he is so freakin HOT! i love everything, his hair!!! >

is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥¬♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!
their videos, their live presentation:::::::: XD!!!!!!!!!!
This has been a good start to the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
his album is also great!!!!!!♥♥♥

i really really like his hairstyle.. :))
he's soo handsome.. :))
seungri sure gave us a strong impression on him..
his perf on mcountdown is beyond my expectations.. ghadd..
i remember i was like screaming soo much with his stage!! lol
i can't wait for more perfs from seungri!